As part of its proximity to GENEVA, the international city and the growing internationalization of skills, WES’SUP pursues a policy of openness and collaboration with schools and university institutions around the world.

International conventions have been signed with foreign schools and universities, around joint actions and training.

At the same time, the School encourages its students to extend their training through international experience, within the framework of internships and international exchange programs.

WES’SUP, leads an international policy that is articulated on 3 axes: 

Promotion and relocation of French programs abroad
Welcoming foreign students at its training centre
Encouraging international mobility of its students

MOROCCO:  IPIATE / INTED Group – Rabat –Morocco

Offshored programs within the  IPIATE / INTED Group – Rabat –Morocco


School approved by, the Institute of the Conservatory of Management Sciences of Cocody (ICS) is a private higher education establishment specializing in the preparation for diplomas of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd professional cycles in management. Located on an area of ​​approximately 2 hectares in an upscale area, between the Lycée Classique and the Hôtel Ivoire, Rue Victor Schœlcher, ICS Cocody has eleven (11) rooms including an amphitheatre with 350 seats. The establishment has a total annual capacity of nine hundred (900) places.

The school has a multimedia room whose didactic equipment is essentially the latest generation machines that meet the standards of communication and computerized management of companies.

The teaching staff, with a minimum level of mastery, conforms to the prescriptions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, with three (3) to twenty (20) years of teaching experience. There are also full professors and qualified and experienced professionals.

In short, the Institute of the Conservatory of Management Sciences of Cocody benefits from major and appropriate qualities for efficient supervision of its auditors, supervision based on the discipline and the rigour of the virtues which arouse the confidence of the graduates who leave it.

Leave the rest to us. And tomorrow when they say you’re a boss, you’ll know who you owe it to.

EEEMCI: European School of Management and International Business

EEEMCI: European School of Management and International Business.

 It is a school of vocational training, accredited by the Moroccan State.

 It offers practical training in order to enable successful candidates to meet the various needs of the job market.

It was created in 2011 by education professionals with experience.

The EEMCI is located in the city centre of Meknes in Morocco. Each year it has more than 500 students coming from all over the world. Its teaching staff presents a professional and cultural diversity with a doctoral-level at least of master’s degree and experience of at least 5 years in the field.

Most of the school is based on employability and support in integrations into a professional environment. Professional training is supplemented by international languages ​​allowing students to take steps towards the international market.

It is the first establishment on the African continent to have set up 100% online training and highlight entrepreneurship as a response to the employment crisis.

www. eemci .ma