Openness, Innovation, Respect & Excellence

We aspire to be Europe most innovative and socially responsive school of management.

We create knowledge and influence practise by combining original research and thought, innovative pedagogy and proactive industry engagement. 

How we add value to our stakeholders 

Students: Our students become value-based leaders of tomorrow with a global mindset and social sensitivity. We do this through the creation of a collaborative and engaging two-way learning experience. Our student body is diverse – spanning adults at different career phases and from a multitude of sectors.

Corporates: Leading corporates and entrepreneurs see us as the preferred academic partner. 

Alumni: Our alumni are our brand ambassadors. They are deeply engaged members of an extended community. Significant aspects of our strategy are co-created and executed in partnership with alumni.

Society at large: We develop leaders for the underserved sections of society. 

Faculty: We provide an enriching, flexible and challenging work environment that allows faculty members to pursue excellence in their chosen areas of interest. 

Employees: We provide an enriching, flexible, and challenging environment for employees to learn and grow. 

International partners: We are the preferred partner for leading international institutions which seek to partner with academia. 

All course programs, depending on the level of study, incorporate the following objectives:

  • Knowledge,
  • Techniques of the Specialty,
  • International Openness,
  • New management styles,
  • Resolution and Case Studies,
  • Business strategy,
  • Analysis, news of the specialty,
  • Company policy,
  • Social Responsibility (CSR),
  • Research,
  • Prospective.

For achieving your Goals

You are followed according to your professional project by educational tutors and professional tutors, until your employment:

  • Individualized skills portfolio,
  • Management and support of the Professional Project,
  • Follow-up in a host company (internships),
  • Creation and Innovation of Products / Services 


You participate, depending on your personal project and your passions, in the following collective actions:

  • Student life (BDE, ..)
  • Management of Joint Projects (MPC)
  • Solidarity and humanitarian actions