We educate students, executives, and entrepreneurs, and generate knowledge to shape the future of business and society in a global, sustainable, and connected world.

WES’SUP , Business School, offers since 2013 in the Pays de Gex at Technoparc, 60, Rue Clément ADER, 01630 SAINT GENIS POUILLY  near  Geneva, Divonne les Bains, Ferney Voltaire, Gex, Lyon Villeurbanne, , Annecy post-baccalaureate training, higher education, BTS MUC, BTS Tourism, Bachelor in banking, Bachelor Marketing, MBA Banking, MBA Business management, in classic or work-study, BAC + 2, BAC + 3 and BAC + 5.

WES’SUP, is declared to the rectorate of Lyon, and the diplomas are State diplomas and recognized by the State.

Present in Ain (01), Pays de Gex, Divonne, Ferney Voltaire, Bellegarde sur Valserine, in the Rhône (69), in Lyon, Villeurbanne, and in Haute-Savoie (74) Annecy Seynod.

A complete offer offering student mobility

Wes-Sup develops partnerships abroad and in particular, in Switzerland, Morocco, Algeria and the United States (USA), double degrees are thus possible in the fields of management, finance, marketing and IT.

Wes-Sup is recognized for its pedagogical know-how and its work-study training.

Registration for Wes’Sup Gex, Lyon, Annecy,saint genis pouilly is open.

Our brand manifesto

WES’SUP Business School is a key player in training in the Rhône-Alpes region. we know one thing for certain:
in an ever-changing world, education must open up new pathways. We have advanced classrooms and International Professors to prepare our students for specialised studies and give them a real insight into their future workplace.

A high-level teaching team

1/3 faculty members are teaching professionals and 2/3 are experts and business leaders. They know you personally and often share your passions for modern management and management techniques.

Professional experience

In order to promote your employability, carry out, throughout your training, periods of total immersion in the company: Internships, alternating rhythm (school/company), project management will allow you to develop your skills.

We’re positioned to provide students with a rich global experience. 

With more than 20 different nationalities at Wes’Sup Lyon, our campus is truly international.

The WES’SUP atmosphere

In order for the student to flourish and enjoy studying, WES’SUP cultivates an environment conducive to the atmospheres essential to their success. We prepare and support students with the transition from the classroom to a workplace, to ensure that they grow into successful professionals.

Student associations: BDE

Being well in your school is important to succeed, to flourish and to share with your friends.
By integrating WES’SUP, you participate in the enrichment of the associative life of the School within the Students’ Office, the Sports Office, the Arts Office or the Young Company.

The School-Company Relationship

Our Business Advisers are available to all students to help them find their host company (internships, work-study) to build their professional project and to concretize their contractual relationship with the host company.

Bachelor / License – Bac + 3

  • Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA)
  • Bachelor in Business Administration in Marketing
  • Bachelor in Hospitality and Tourism
  • Apprenticeships and Internships

MBA – Bac + 5

  • MBA in Human Resourse Management
  • MBA in Management of Organisation
  • MBA in Hospitality and Tourism
  • MBA in Management

Our Admissions Counsellors are here to guide you through the application process. Email lyon@wes-sup.fr to book a campus tour or visit us at Open Day.

After Wes’Sup

Career planning

Our Corporate Resource Centre gives students the support they need to build their professional profiles and integrate into a workplace.

Placement services

We prepare and support students with the transition from the classroom to a workplace, to ensure that they grow into successful professionals.

Employment opportunities

Over 20 top recruiters and companies, across a range of sectors including hospitality, finance, business administration, human resource and marketing, regularly hire from Wes’Sup Business School France.

Success stories

Every year we see our graduates become successful professionals. Let their stories inspire you to reach your goals and become a leader in your field.

A diploma to find your way …

Wes’Sup Business School offers you Bachelor and Masters degree courses  registered in the Directory National Skills Professional ( RNCP )which offers you a responsible management education.

An International courses balanced between International campuses and prestigious partner schools.

We train our studentss in a systematic high-level plan of actions aimed at planning and performing the business management process at the most efficient way to achieve strategic goals and objectives of an organization.